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Event 4. PE- und PP-Folientage - Polyolefine Folien effizient herstellen und zu Verpackungen verarbeiten

Event manager: Wilma Igelbrink +49 5405 80767-250
PE and PP films - Focus sealing layers for leak-proof packagings (still in preparation)
Thursday/Friday, 27./28. March 2014
Steigenberger Hotel Remarque, Osnabrück / German , 1.150,00 €  for 2 days
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Mostly, sealing layers are made of PP (polypropylene) or PE (polyethylene) in the packaging industry. Why is it like this and - above all - why will it remain like this? Why are high-performance sealing layers made of these materials? Which innovations are still known and which ones can be expected? Which research projects are currently running and which innovations/products do they provide? Which materials have to be selected to achieve certain properties? What about sustainability? Will the bio-polymers replace the polyolefins? The main industry representatives will supply answers to these questions five years after the last conference. This conference will present a current overview, especially for the packaging market. A meeting-point for all film as well as raw material manufacturers and packers like the food and consumer goods industry.
Level 2 - Previous experience is helpful but not required
All who are authorized to decide on manufacturing and packing/food industry, production, R & D, purchase, sales as well as key-account manager

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